Shipments of Life

      World Assist is making it possible for suffering children in some of the poorest areas of the world to receive food, clothing, medical treatment,Little girl eating bean and rice provided by WA and education. We are sending emergency shipments of life-giving supplies to hospitals, orphanages, schools, clinics and refugee camps worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But to the children whose lives are saved, they are priceless. 

      The response from the children and workers is overwhelming when one of these shipments arrives in their community. A mother comes in tears to receive a can of milk or formula for her starving little baby. Teachers stare in awe at stacks of books they can use to teach their students how to read and write. Children’s Home workers rejoice over seeds and hoes they can use to grow food to feed the children in their care.

      World Assist sent the supplies to build a crop irrigation system for suffering farmers in Burkina Faso, North Africa. Years of famine have devastated farms, communities and families, but the 40’ container of supplies World Assist sent is already helping villagers get back on their feet and build a safe place for children to grow.

       Another emergency shipment was delivered to the Congo where years of civil strife have held the people in fear and poverty. But a new light is dawning thanks to World Assist. We’re helping to put books in the hands of teachers, clothes on the backs of orphans, and food in the stomachs of starving children across the country.

      The gratitude we see in the faces of children and their families is overwhelming. Without World Assist, they would be struggling to survive, but today they are full, healthy and thriving – thanks to your help. World Assist will never stop reaching out to children in need with these shipments of life.

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