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World Assist is an international non-profit organization dedicated to relieving the suffering of needy people all over the world. While the original mission of World Assist was to alleviate the hardship of disadvantaged children and families in developing nations, our focus has expanded to providing real assistance to struggling veterans, the homeless, and victims of fires and other catastrophes in the United States. World Assist's urgent mandate is to increase our distribution of relief supplies, both domestically and internationally.

World Assist is fully funded by private and corporate donors who support our charitable mission of helping children, families, veterans, and other people in need, both here and abroad. Their contributions cover all of World Assistís operating expenses.

Veterans Outreach

Since 2008 World Assist has directly aided tens of thousands of American veterans through our and our partnersí work. An estimated 1.5 million U.S. veterans are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to poverty, a lack of support networks, and overcrowded or sub-standard housing. World Assist offers comfort and assistance to homeless and low income veterans and their families, as well as to the wives and children of deployed soldiers. Through an established alliance of emergency shelters, transitional housing facilities, free stores, and veteran-focused events, World Assist sends direct relief to help support our nation's heroes and their families. World Assist has adopted the Operation Stand Down motto of "offering a hand up, not a hand out." World Assistís focused distribution of new clothing, shelter supplies, and hygiene products allows veteransí organizations to direct their minimal financial resources to vital areas such as food, housing, health care, and education costs.

Disaster Outreach

The original charitable purpose of World Assist was to offer aid and comfort to children and their families who are disadvantaged or have been displaced due to famine, natural disasters, or conflict. While this will always be the heart of our mission, World Assist's focus has increasingly included victims of fires, storms, and other catastrophes through the distribution of clothing, emergency blankets, furniture, shelter supplies, and personal care and hygiene items. World Assist remains fully committed to its goal of helping provide humanitarian aid to people in crisis throughout the United States and around the world.

Children's Outreach

World Assist supports both domestic and international projects which assist children and their families who are struggling with poverty, illness, and deprivation. Working in conjunction with our experienced partners, World Assist sends valuable aid in the form of medicines, hygiene, clothing, and other vital relief supplies to those who are most vulnerable. Even as we expand our outreach to include veterans and disaster victims, World Assist remains committed to providing tangible comfort and aid to children in need.

With the invaluable support of our generous donors, World Assist will continue reaching out to people in need, wherever they may be, with help, hope, and compassion.

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